Welcome, Terratinta Group!

In 2008 we started to cultivate a dream, the idea of creating something different that could leave a mark within a business rooted for decades in our area, the Italian ceramic district. We wanted to go back to basics, back to such concepts as simplicity, professionalism and great passion.

At the end of 2010 Terratinta Ceramiche, a brand dedicated to Northern European design, able over time to set up its own style, is born: the most ambitious goal. In 2014 we take over a historical Italian ceramic brand since 1983, Ceramica Magica, reshaping it according to the modern market dictates.

In a process of simplification, in 2017 Terratinta Group srl is born, a company where the various brands and their identities live together.

In 2018 the third brand of the Group is born: Sartoria. Dedicated to small sizes and color, dedicated to all those who love details and interior design.

In 2019 we welcomed a new brand in our family: Micro. Another young brand devoted to architectural surfaces made in a selection of 13 colors and designed by internationally renowned designers.

4 different brands linked by 4 different and well characterized market positioning, which are mutually self-reinforcing, creating a strong and complete Group identity.

Today, a marvelous new 2,000 square meter Headquarter, divided between modern design offices and Showrooms whose originality have been honored by international awards, leads us into the future.