Voices, the soul of ceramic

Terratinta Group presents the new project "Voices: the soul of ceramics". A new exhibition concept for the world of surfaces by Lucchesedesign and involving two other brands in the bathroom sector, Fir Italia for taps and Arbi for bathroom furnishings. As a Maestro, Francesco Lucchese signs the new format for the presentation and sale of ceramic wall tiles with which Terratinta Group presents itself at the most eagerly awaited international trade fair for the ceramic surfaces market: “Voices, the soul of ceramics ", is a set-up that combines thin slabs, bathroom furnishings, heated towel rails and shower trays in a complete and flexible project for the customization of bathroom spaces. With Voices, Terratinta Group offers a selection of floors and wall coverings that are ideally placed in bathrooms inspired by four genres of music history, each characterized by material, color combinations and finishes that aim to express four different ways of experiencing the bathroom today. From the power of opera, to the exuberance of rock, passing through the depth of blues and the virtuosity of jazz, Voices project reflects in parallel to the variety of musical styles the different styles in which matter, color and decor meet in harmonic combinations with a strong identity and where ceramics become the protagonist of lively and expressive environments. OPERA Marble, goldeb details and soft colors express the splendor and richness of classicism in a continuous dialogue between magnificence and warmth. BLUES Materials and colors inspired by nature recall the exotic charm of distant lands, giving life to intimate and safe haven capable of restoring energy and vigor. ROCK Yellow as the adrenaline that accompanies the challenges. Bold colors, strong contrasts, forward lines for environments where no limit is imposed and where the expression of creativity is encouraged. JAZZ Delicate combinations for relaxing environments and with a feminine touch for those who seek and rediscover peace and recovery in private spaces. The synergy desired and created by Terratinta Group with Studio Lucchese, Arbi Arredobagno and Fir Italia, companies each a protagonist of Italian know-how, becomes a harmonious foundation on which a new symphony takes shape and life.