Terratinta is Light!

Following the latest innovations within the ceramic industry, we wanted to increase our offer on big sizes: after 75x75cm, 80x80cm and 90x90cm sizes, we’re finally proud to introduce the brand new 120x120cm size! Despite its wide size, we made it “Light”, which means 7,3mm thickness. This “Light” thickness comes with great advantages:

Within this “Light” thickness there’s also available the 60x120cm size, ideal for both flooring and cladding. The two “Light” sizes, although their thickness is different from the one of the 60x60cm sizes, have the same caliber and therefore they’re modular with all the other sizes. Innovative is also the 120x120cm packaging system, which provides a rack pallet that has multiple advantages:

Terratinta “Light” is available for Stonedesign collection (for all the four colors) and for Betonaxis collection... and these are only two of the amazing news we’ll show you in the oncoming Cersaie 2017! Stay tuned!