Modena OPEN!

As you know, few months back we opened our beautiful new Headquarter and Showroom in via Monte Bianco - Fiorano Modenese, designed by ebs-Enrico Bergamini Studio. We already spoke about the high-standard and refined look of our spaces, but today we want to talk about another topic connected to this talented Studio: they took part at the important “STUDI APERTI”, a national event active from few years, which intends to bring to the public the Architect’s work and world, by opening architects’ studios for 1 or 2 days: Eb Studio joined the event “Performance” promoted by the order of Architects of Modena, which was held during Modena White Night “Nessun Dorma” and the European Museums Night. ebs-Enrico Bergamini Studio presented an installation on the theme “making architecture”. But what does “making architecture” means? It means not only designing but also creating, building while listening to and interpreting people’s needs to improve their lives. The installation deconstructs two images of Terratinta Group Headquarter/Showroom project, trying to lead people to imagine that behind the realization of the project there’s a subtle and continuous sewing work between the various elements that make up the project: ideas, people, materials. This Event, which was held on May 19th in Largo Porta Sant’Agostino, Modena, was an opportunity to bring the world of architecture to the general public and non-professionals, bringing the Architects and their Studios closer to the citizen, making them understand the importance of architecture and the figure of the architect, represented as the one who acts in between the human’s living space, both private and public. We believe it was a huge success.