#notaclassicstory: Andrea

Companies are not made only by machines and products: most of all they are made of people. We strongly believe in that, every single member of this group is essential and crucial for what Terratinta is today, and will be tomorrow. That’s why we thought to get you know better everyone of us.
Terratinta, #notaclassicstory. Find out more about this #, every single month!

-What’s your name? Andrea
-What’s your job in Terratinta? Warehouse worker
-What’s your favorite Terratinta’s collection? Betontech: the perfection of simplicity! 
-Hobbies and/or sports? When I’m not busy being a daddy (which means almost never), I love playing football
-Seaside or mountain? Mountain!
-Meat or fish? Meat!
-Red wine, white wine, prosecco or lambrusco? Lambrusco, of course!
-Do you like traveling? Is there any place where you’d love to go on holiday? I’m not a fanatic of traveling, but I’d like to go to Australia one day!
-Imagine you’re the United States President: what would you do or say? I would knock down the wall of racism and I would eliminate all kind of weapons