In the latest years, following Scandinavian style and design, we designed ceramics tiles and mosaics in the latest color trends, from pastel to more loud hues: a perfect match with our range of Grey’s. We created a new, warm, cozy minimalist range: we created HEXA. Hexagonal mosaic in 4,3x3,8cm chips and 31,6x31,6cm sheets, high level technology made in Italy, full body porcelain mosaic,  suitable for floors and walls. Available in a mix of  three finishes,  matt, glossy (light polished effect) and fabric (materic look, like juta texture), in 4 colors inspired by Scandinavian design, or in the brand new minimalist matt finish, in 5 contemporary colors which are the perfect interpretation of the latest design trends. Ain’t finished yet. An extruded white body ceramic tiles in 10mm thickness, using a semi hand made technology with unique handcrafted effect: this is HEXA WALL, a hexagonal glazed extruded white body in 17,3x15cm. Available in the same 5 new colors of Hexa, soft glossy finish, only for wall use. Vintage style beside new trendy shades: this is warm minimalism, this is us following #nordictrends.