General Catalogue 2018, welcome!

2017: lots of work, lots of news, lots of changes. But one thing hasn't changed and won't change, ever: our endless passion for what we do, our deep and true love for what ain't just a job for us. With this in mind, we designed this new General Catalogue 2018, and the result is a perfect sum of this passion and love, where our well-known #terratintastyle is enhanced with a fresh, contemporary and minimalist Scandinavian look. We created a Catalogue which isn't just a portfolio or a pure recap of our collections: it's our identity card, where our soul is beautifully revealed alongside clear and refined design, products and details about our world. We spent months designing it, and we're sure that you’ll love it as much as we do. And trust us, we love it very much. A proud, honest and real love.

General Catalogue 2018