Ceramic decoration

Over the last few years, the ceramic tile industry has kept on evolving within the decorative segment, reinterpreting centenary trends of decorative styles with different materials such as “cementine” and “granigliati”, also starting from drawings and patterns within textile and wallpaper industry. Technique and aesthetics melted together, with the main advantages of porcelain tiles (zero absorption, wear resistance, acids and thermal shock resistance): this is mainly due to modern technologies such as digital print (“Inkjet”), and to the improvements of old semi-artisanal techniques (as the “Third fire”). Terratinta Ceramiche, think-leader brand among the Northern European markets thanks to its well-known #terratintastyle, is today the company that has better been able to interpret the decoration in many different and contemporary styles, always in the name of a 100% Made in Italy. Its style today evokes a warm minimalism, cozy and stylish, while maintaining the purity and clean lines typical of Scandinavian design. In the next few weeks we’ll see closer each one of our decorative series, from Betonepoque to Betongreys Marrakech, from Betonstil Mixdecò to Stonemarble patterns. Stay tuned.