A safe choice: porcelain stoneware

At the end of the day, the goals of our choices are simple: safety and security, style and elegance, all bound together

Ceramic has always been an alternative to natural materials, for various reasons: greater sustainability, economy and technological features that sometimes we do not even know but allow us to use a material with superior characteristics to marble, natural stone and wood.

The materials that inspire ceramic research have in them natural limits that technology has overcome, such as wear, aging and deterioration.

Nothing of the sort happens with ceramic.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, ceramic offers the best performance in terms of cleaning, maintenance and health. Our porcelain stoneware is the safe choice among covering materials.

Porcelain stoneware and ceramics are very hard-wearing materials, particularly resistant to chemical agents, anti-frost and waterproof. For this reason they have always been installed in restaurants, airports, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, areas characterized by large inflow of people, in addition to our homes. Thanks to today’s advances in technological innovation and materials engineering, ceramic has undergone further improvements.

At a time characterized by an increased need for hygiene in every place of our lives, porcelain stoneware guarantees an easy cleaning in total safety with any product usually chosen to cleaning the house, resisting even the most aggressive chemical detergents.

Porcelain stoneware surfaces are waterproof, do not retain organic substances and bacteria so any kind of dirt, bacteria and germs does not penetrate the surface and is easily removed. Although we tend to take the hygienic qualities of ceramic for granted, its easily-washable surfaces are an important part of our everyday lives, guaranteeing cleanliness and hygiene at all times.

Porcelain stoneware is unalterable over time and stain-resistant, resists high temperatures and atmospheric stresses, is completely waterproof, UV-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean.

Today, the spaces covered in porcelain stoneware are a guarantee of neatness, a safe choice.

Tomorrow, porcelain stoneware will be the safe choice for a sustainable and healthy future.

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