We started it all in April 2008 with a simple, clear idea: we wanted to create something of our own, something new and unusual, built on concepts and ideas able to generate a rupture with the past. We did it.
By creating a motivated team of young, enthusiastic and ambitious people.
By having a specific communicative identity.
By studying products designed specifically upon the Northern European market.
By offering services and products whose quality pursuits perfection.
By realizing an easy structure with correct prices on the market.
By cooperating with few, valid manufacturing partners.
By working more than the others, always.
Nothing new: back to basics. The humbleness of simple concepts alongside of great professionals: this is Terratinta Ceramiche, this is what we believe in.
Thank you for being part of this amazing story.  And thanks to all the members of this company: because of them, this is #notaclassicstory.




Personal style, #terratintastyle, is the venue through which we share our vision, it develops, expands and becomes more unique as we continue making our vision a reality.
Achieving a personal style represents a significant amount of work, filled with courage and motivation: our personal style is the translation of our vision into actual products, the translation of our thoughts into something that others can see, appreciate and get.
We believe in innovation, through our way of execution, taking ideas and bringing them into the marketplace.
This achievement means following our inspirations and vision, being creative, trusting our own instincts, studying the market and the client’s needs and not being afraid to take chances and make our own choices.
For us, the contrast between tradition and innovation, between vintage and modern, is very important: we keep in our ranges, beside innovative big sizes, also historical small sizes, but interpreted with the modern technologies of nowadays.
We also like matching many different Grey tones which follow clean lines and timeless design, between Concrete, Stone and cold Wood look,  with the warmth of the colors and decoration.
We created a new warm minimalism, following latest trends in Scandinavian style, and mixing our crazy passion for the business with the know-how of the materials.
For these reasons, they can copy us, but #terratintastyle will always be something different.

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